Scholar Career Development Team: Launching Successful Professionals

Once enrolled in upper-level coursework within their college major, the Scholar Career Development team supports Scholars in getting the skills, connections and experience needed to launch their dream career or post-baccalaureate education program.  All Opportunity Scholars have access to a career network—both their college career center and the Career Development Team which includes individuals with over twenty years of career advising and knowledge of our state’s industry members. Scholars in their third year or beyond of undergraduate studies are invited to connect:

  • Rebecca Ferber is the Career Development Manager. Rebecca leads the Opportunity Scholarship Skills that Shine (StS) mentorship program. Scholars can connect with her via

Career Development 301: Signature Skills that Shine Program (StS)

All third year Scholars participate in Career Development 301: The StS program. We believe in the value mentorship brings to our Scholars during their undergraduate years – especially Scholars in their third year of study who are in critical need of exposure to the working world. Through StS, Scholars are paired with experienced industry mentors working across a variety of fields. Mentors are highly influential to their mentees, providing helpful anecdotes, advice and encouragement. After completion of the the StS program, mentees will have:

  • The confidence and skills to network and interview with professionals;
  • An influential experience with a caring industry practitioner; and
  • A professional, adaptable resume and targeted cover letter.

When Scholars reach their third year, they will receive an invitation from the team to sign up for StS by selecting an industry mentor on our proprietary matching platform. Once matched, Scholars receive access to the online StS curriculum.

We believe in the power of mentorship. To ensure Scholars access the invaluable benefits of an industry mentorship, Scholars enrolled in StS must:

  • Complete Unit 1 as described in the StS online curriculum by December 1.
    • Module 1 includes: matching and meeting with an industry mentor and preparing a tailored resume and cover letter. The resume and cover letter must be uploaded to the Scholar Portal by the deadline (12/1).
  • Complete Unit 2 as described in the StS curriculum by May 1.
    • Module 2 includes: meeting with an industry mentor and performing a mock interview. A reflection of the StS experience, found at the end of Unit 2 in the StS curriculum, must be completed by the deadline (5/1).

Meeting these deadlines in the third year is a requirement of maintaining scholarship funding.

Career Development 401: Ongoing Case Management Support

All fourth and fifth year Scholars are invited to participate in Career Development 401 which consists of ongoing case management support. The Scholar Career Development team is among the collection of programs and staff on campus and within Scholars’ network who want to see students succeed in finding post-graduation success. Like campus career centers, the team is here to apply their skills, experience, network and sheer will to see Scholars in their final years of studies land well.

The Career Development team curates great opportunities for learning and networking for Scholars by:

  • Increasing Scholars’ awareness of employer-focused events in field of study;
  • Connecting Scholars with available internships and jobs across the state of Washington;
  • Hosting WSOS-exclusive trainings and providing career readiness resources; and
  • Offering one-on-one advising on how to find and land the internships and contacts necessary to secure employment or an invitation to graduate or professional school.

Recommendations for Career-Launching Success

Our past Scholars are the proof: these offerings are invaluable.  To best access Career Development supports, all fourth and fifth year Scholars are encouraged to:

  1. Be an active reader of emails sent from the Scholar Career Development Team. These emails are often targeted based on field of study and can include key opportunities for career development.
  2. Attend WSOS office hours. Campus office hours are offered at our larger campuses in proximity to larger STEM-focused career events on campus. We advertise exact dates and locations via email and will update the table below periodically.
  1. Reach out via to Stan Pichinevskiy to seek phone or video chat check-ins.
  2. Join the WSOS-exclusive Scholar Career Development LinkedIn group. By joining the group, Scholars can grow their professional network, hear first about internship and job opportunities and learn more about professional development opportunities in their field of study.
  3. Participate as a WSOS Alumni! WSOS offers our placement services through nine months after graduation. Find out more about those services and other ways to get involved.