Graduate Scholarship

Our Graduate (GRD) Scholarship provides up to $25,000 to fund Nurse Practitioner students from one of Washington's 6 graduate nursing schools. The scholarship can be used toward 4 primary care and behavioral health-focused DNP or MSN program tracks. Each of these programs lead to jobs Washington State’s medically underserved communities need most.

Details on additional stipends, eligibility, funding and more can be found below.

Visit your Scholar Portal to view scholarship disbursement schedule, update contact information submit the travel stipend application and more!

View all of your scholarship details in one, easy-to-access portal.

Please note: if you are a recently selected scholar, your Scholar Portal account is not yet active. You will receive an email containing information about accessing your Scholar Portal soon.

Travel Stipend

In addition to $25,000 in scholarship funding GRD Scholars are eligible for a travel stipend when training a remote practicum site.

WSOS invites Scholars completing their clinical practicum 50 miles or more from their residential residence to apply for a $500 per term travel stipend. This travel stipend is available to WSOS GRD scholarship awardees only when training in a designated Medically Underserved Area (MUA) or Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA). The application is available through the Scholar Portal.

Preceptor Stipend

WSOS offers a $3,600 per 120 clinical hours Preceptor Stipend to eligible MUA or HPSA practicum sites that host a GRD scholar. Sites may use these funds however they see fit.  Eligible sites include, preceptor sites located within a Washington state MUA or HPSA that are hosting a WSOS Graduate Scholar for a clinical practicum course of 60 hours or more. We hope all eligible sites take advantage of these funds. Please share the information about the Preceptor Stipend with all of your eligible practicum sites.

Award Amount

GRD recipients will receive up to $25,000 in scholarship funding to be divided over their remaining program terms. Awards begin disbursement in the fall term following selection and are not to exceed $6,750 per term. It is expected the students remain on a full-time schedule, as defined by their DNP program to continue to receive funding. Gonzaga MSN students must remain on the standard nine-semester part-time schedule to continue to receive funding.

Leave of Absence

Scholars are eligible to take a Leave of Absence (LOA) of up to 1 year. Approved LOA requests will be processed as a deferment, which means the scholarship funds will be deferred until the scholar is enrolled back in school.

Scholarship Parameters

All Scholars’ awards will have a “Maximum Award” and “Scholarship Expiration Date,” both of which can be found in the Scholar Portal and will be set within the first term of enrollment. The maximum award amount is $25,000 and the scholarship expiration date is 3 years from the first disbursement.

Disbursement Cycle

Disbursements are sent directly to the financial aid office of the Scholars’ college prior to the start of each term.

2022-23 scheduled disbursement dates:

Fall Quarter/SemesterAugust 2, 2022
Winter Quarter/Spring SemesterDecember 13, 2022
Spring QuarterMarch 7, 2023
Summer SemesterApril 25, 2023
Summer QuarterJune 13, 2023

Some scholarship disbursement dates may take place after a college’s tuition deadline. In these instances, the college can place a hold on the Scholar’s account so that the Scholar will not be dropped from their courses and no additional charges will be accrued. If you need a hold placed on your account, please reach out to your college’s financial aid office and notify them of your pending GRD award.

Scholars can confirm funds were disbursed on their behalf by logging in to the Scholar Portal. If an actual disbursement is reflected in the Scholar Portal and you do not yet see funds in your account, it is likely due to processing time. Colleges take a few weeks to apply scholarship funds after they receive them. Scholars should contact their college’s financial aid office if they have any concerns about their award after it is shown as an “actual disbursement” in the Scholar Portal.

Scholar Portal

All Scholars should familiarize themselves with the Scholar Portal. This is where Scholars can view key details about their scholarship and submit the travel stipend application.

Scholars can log into the Scholar Portal to view the status of requests at any time (typical processing time is two weeks).

New Scholars who are accessing the Scholar Portal for the first time should follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the Scholar Portal (once you’ve been directed by WSOS to do so).
  2. Click “Forgot your password.”
  3. Enter the email address provided to WSOS at time of application.
  4. An email will be sent with a link to reset the password. Follow the instructions to enter the Scholar Portal.
  5. If still unable to log in or having trouble viewing information, email graduate@waopportunityorg.

Keeping in Touch

Email is our primary means of communications with all Scholars. All Scholars should check their spam settings to ensure they receive WSOS emails. While all students have the right to unsubscribe from WSOS emails, this will result in missing important information and deadline reminders.

Questions about scholarship funding or eligibility?

Contact or call 1-877-899-5002