Career and Technical Scholarship (CTS) Eligibility

To remain eligible for their scholarship, CTS Scholars must meet the following eligibility criteria each quarter:

  • Eligible Programs: Remain enrolled in the same eligible program. Scholars must be enrolled in an eligible program. All scholars are entitled to one program change during the lifetime of their scholarship. Additional program changes must be approved in advance by WSOS.
  • Eligible colleges: Remain enrolled in an eligible program at one of the state’s 34 community and technical colleges.
  • Meet satisfactory academic progress (SAP). SAP is defined and determined by each college. Students do not need to maintain a specific GPA if they wish to maintain their eligibility, but they should be aware of the way in their college uses GPA to calculate SAP.
  • Enroll in at least six credits during the fall, winter and spring terms. Scholars are not required to enroll in any credits during summer term, though funding is available at the usual rate for those that choose to do so.
  • Scholars must continue to make progress toward earning their credential by enrolling in at least one course that is required for their program every quarter. If a student is not enrolled in any required courses, they must be enrolled in at least one remedial credit. If enrolling in remedial credits, Scholars cannot have exceeded their remedial course limit. Scholars can review their remedial course limit in the Scholar Portal.

In addition to the quarterly requirements above, Scholars must meet the following eligibility criteria on an annual basis: