Supporting College Persistence

The Baccalaureate Program team supports Scholars in orienting themselves to campus life and finding social and academic success as a college student. Through our signature Scholar Lead Program, the Baccalaureate Program team supports on-time graduation. Scholars in the Baccalaureate Program can connect with our team at

Scholar Lead Program

Scholar Leads are current Opportunity Scholars in at least their third year who serve as role models to new Opportunity Scholars. Scholar Leads provide support and assistance to the first- and second-year Scholars they are matched with by helping them learn to navigate college and the WSOS experience. The goal of the Scholar Lead program is to make new Opportunity Scholars' transition to college as smooth as possible. New Opportunity Scholars should expect the following of their Scholar Lead:

  • Receive a welcome call before September 1
  • Be invited to campus events throughout the academic year
  • Be contacted on an individual basis, either by email, phone or text periodically throughout the academic year
  • Offered the opportunity to connect with other Scholars periodically throughout the academic year

Current Scholar Leads can access resources to support their work by clicking on the button below: