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Skills that Shine Mentorship Program

We are so excited you're interested in mentorship!

Why mentorship is important:

The professional development Scholars receive through programs like Skills that Shine is one of the vital ways WSOS facilitates Scholar success. By providing an open space for Scholars to ask questions and build a relationship with their mentor, Skills that Shine facilitates a strong pathway for Scholars to succeed as they enter their professions.

WSOS has a strong history of supporting Scholars through mentorship. In 2015, launched Skills that Shine, which at the time, supported our Baccalaureate (BaS) Scholars. In 2019, WSOS launched our second mentorship program to support our Career and Technical (CTS) Scholars.

Skills that Shine now includes Career and Technical Scholars!

We are excited to announce that the Skills that Shine Mentorship Program now serves Baccalaureate (BaS) Scholars and Career and Technical (CTS) Scholars!

"I didn't expect how powerful a mentor could be in my life! I am now more confident in my career goals. As the first in my family to go to college, I won't forget those who helped me. Skills that Shine really did, and that's why I'm happy to give back to others."

– Kathleen Kouthong, alum, manufacturing engineer and StS mentor

”Giving back as a mentor required me to articulate my job function, professional goals and my company's vision. Mentorship requires you to reflect and have thoughtful discussions, which promotes self-growth. It feels good knowing you are a valuable role model.”

- Mason Mazza, Boeing engineer and StS mentor

"I had the pleasure of being Agustin's mentor and I have been humbled and inspired by his efforts to become a civil engineer. It has been my pleasure to help Agustin tell his story and provide an opportunity to turn his ambitions into reality.”

- Justin Anderson, HNTB project engineer and StS mentor

"WSOS offers great networking opportunities because they're connected to so many professionals in our fields. One thing leads to another, and thanks to their connections, there's always a good opportunity to network and meet new people."

- Ewurama Karikari, mechanical engineering, Opportunity Scholar alumni

About the Skills that Shine program:

The Skills that Shine program engages industry partners to serve as mentors to guide and enhance Scholars’ career readiness skills, ensuring a smooth transition from college to career. The mentorship program focuses on engaging and creating access to resources, coaching or connections, and discussions about their career journey.

Who are our Mentors: 

Mentors are engaged corporate and industry volunteers who are open to talking with a Scholar about their career journey and providing general career development guidance.

Mentors help launch Scholars into high-demand careers in Washington state

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The Details:

Who: Scholars receiving mentorship in the Baccalaureate (BaS) Scholarship are third-year students.

When: BaS mentorship occurs annually between October and April.

Meeting Cadence: We ask mentors to try and meet with their Scholars at least once a month for the duration of the program.

We are not currently accepting mentor volunteers. Volunteer registration for the next cycle will occur from July – October 2023.

The next Skills that Shine Baccalaureate mentorship program will be held from October 2023 – April 2024.

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The Details:

If you are interested in mentorship, sign-up below!

Who: Career and Technical (CTS) Scholars are earning their certificate, apprenticeship or associate degree from one of Washington's 34 community and technical colleges. Learn more about the Career and Technical Scholarship.

Meeting Cadence: We ask mentors to meet with their Scholar at least once each month for a total of three meetings each cycle.

We are not currently accepting mentor volunteers. Volunteer registration for the next cycle will occur from December 2023 – April 2024.

The next Skills that Shine Career & Technical mentorship program will be held from April – June 2024.

How it works for both the BaS and CTS pathways:

  • Mentees select their mentors based on their individual values. 
  • Mentors and Scholars provided a guide and online curriculum to structure their meeting sessions. 
  • Mentors receive helpful resources, training and support throughout the program. 
  • Together, mentors and Scholars identify the Scholar goals and structure their meetings to reach these goals. 
  • While this program is virtual, if mentors and mentees feel comfortable, they can decide to connect in person, over the phone or online.