Major Disbursement Dates

Three major disbursements prior to the start of each term are sent each academic year. The major disbursement dates for the current academic year are displayed below:

Fall Quarter & Fall Semester 2018-19August 9, 2018
Winter Quarter & Spring Semester 2018-19December 13, 2018
Spring Quarter 2018-19March 7, 2019

In addition to these three dates, other smaller disbursements are sent throughout the year to accommodate individual student circumstances.

Receiving Funds & Accessing Disbursement Rosters

ACH or Paper Check. Most institutions have now signed up to receive ACH transfers. ACH institutions receive payment immediately on the disbursement date. Paper checks are delayed by approximately one week. Institutions that would like to sign up for ACH and have not yet done so can email Nicole Arriaga.

Disbursement Rosters. All institutions have now signed up to use the School Portal via Zengine. Those with access can log on anytime and view past and upcoming disbursements in the current academic year. (Read more about the School Portal in this help document.) Institutions that have a change in who needs to access the School Portal or who are having challenges in access should email the Awards team.

Eligibility for Full Award Amount

When financial aid offices receive WSOS funds, they should first determine if the student is eligible to receive the full award amount provided. The full scholarship amount supplied by WSOS should be applied to the student account provided that:

  1. Student is enrolled full time (12+ credits).
  2. Student is meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in accordance with institution policy.
  3. Student is eligible for in-state tuition.
  4. Student does not exceed Cost of Attendance (COA).

If a student meets the four requirements above, the full amount disbursed from WSOS should be applied to the student’s account. Financial aid institutions do not need to confirm any other aspects of a student’s eligibility on behalf of WSOS. WSOS staff, in partnership with WSAC and other offices on campus, work to confirm students are meeting other eligibility criteria (such as studying in an eligible major and completing the FAFSA/WASFA).

Determining Refund Amounts

When a student does not meet the four requirements above, a full or partial refund should be processed.

Full refund. Students who are not meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), are not eligible for in-state tuition and/or are enrolled in 5 or fewer credits for the term are not eligible for WSOS and a full refund should be issued. Institutions should issue a full refund for students who “no show” or are not enrolled within 10 days of the start of term.

Partial refund. Student enrollment status for refund purposes should be considered as a snapshot ten days after the start of term. Changes in enrollment status after this period need not be considered. Students who are enrolled less than full-time (11 or fewer credits) will receive a prorated amount in accordance with the table below:

Refund Amounts

Student EnrollmentEnrolled Credits (10 days after start of term)% of Funds Student is Eligible to Receive% of Funds to be Refunded to WSOS
Three-Quarter Time9-11 creditsEligible for 75% of the full-time amount25% refund issued
Half Time6-8 creditsEligible for 50% of the full-time amount50% refund issued
Less-than-Half Time<6 creditsNot eligibleFull refund issued

If the student’s enrollment status drops below full-time or if the student withdraws completely in the first ten days following start of term, the appropriate portion of the funds (if any) should be returned to Washington STEM. Changes in a student's enrollment status after the first ten days of term do not require a refund. Partial refunds may be rounded to the nearest dollar.

Additionally, WSOS funds can only be used up to the Cost of Attendance (COA). Any amount received that exceed COA should be refunded to WSOS within ten days of the start of term.

Sending Refunds to WSOS

To send a full or partial refund, either use our provided Refund Form  or Refund Spreadsheet provide the following information about each refund:

  • First and last name
  • DOB
  • Amount of Refund Issued
  • Academic Year
  • Term
  • Reason for Refund

All checks should be payable to WSOS and mailed, along with the Refund Form, to:

ATTN: Washington STEM, Nicole Arriaga
210 S. Hudson Street
Seattle, WA 98134