WSOS remains fully operational and will send all scholarship disbursements as scheduled. Our scholarship funds are designed to be flexible and to provide our Scholars maximum possible financial benefit. That’s why they can be used to cover up to a student’s cost of attendance. Please take as much time as necessary to determine how to best use our funding to provide that benefit. Questions? You can always reach us at

WSOS supports Washington students on their path to high-demand trade, health care and STEM occupations.

WSOS offers two different scholarships for students on different academic pathways. The Baccalaureate Scholarship is designed to support students who intend to earn a bachelor’s degree. The Career and Technical Scholarship (CTS) is for students who intend to earn a certificate, apprenticeship or associate credential from a community or technical college.

This page contains complete instructions for awarding both scholarships. Any questions or recommendations? Please e-mail us at

Summary of Award Process

When institutions receive a disbursement from WSOS, they should complete the following process:

  1. Access the Disbursement Roster via the College Partner Portal.
  2. Check student eligibility.
  3. Adjust award amount based on enrollment.
  4. Apply award amount to student accounts.
  5. Export the Disbursement Roster from the Portal.
  6. Fill out the exported Disbursement Roster and return to WSOS.
  7. Issue refunds (if applicable).

More detailed instructions for each of these steps is provided below.


ACH or Paper Check

Most institutions have signed up to receive ACH transfers. ACH institutions receive payment immediately on the disbursement date. Paper checks are delayed by approximately one week. Institutions that would like to sign up for ACH can set up their account by emailing Washington STEM.

Disbursement Rosters

All institutions can access student specific disbursement information through the College Partner Portal. A separate roster will exist for CTS and the Baccalaureate Scholarship. Those with access to the Portal can log on anytime and view past and upcoming disbursements for the current academic year. Learn more about the School Portal in this help document. Institutions that need to update their School Portal login credential or having trouble logging in should email the WSOS Awards team.


WSOS will send major disbursements at the start of each term. The CTS and Baccalaureate scholarship will have different major disbursement dates.

Major Disbursement Dates

Career and Technical Scholarship    Baccalaureate Scholarship 
FallAugust 10, 2021Fall Quarter & Fall SemesterAugust 10, 2021
WinterDecember 21, 2021Winter Quarter & Spring SemesterDecember 14, 2021
SpringMarch 22, 2022Spring QuarterMarch 8, 2022
SummerJune 7, 2022No summer fundsN/A

In addition to these dates, other smaller disbursements are sent throughout the year to accommodate individual student circumstances.


When financial aid offices receive WSOS funds on behalf of a student, they should first confirm that the student is eligible to receive an award. Eligibility criteria for each scholarship are as follows:

CriteriaCareer & Technical ScholarshipBaccalaureate ScholarshipFurther Information
Student is enrolled in at least 6 credits.XXSee “Partial Refund” for instructions on prorating award amounts.
Student is meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in accordance with institution policy.XX
Student is eligible for in-state tuition.XX
Student does not exceed Cost of Attendance (COA).XXWSOS can only be used up to the COA. If a student is receiving additional aid, please calculate the amount of WSOS funding that student may be eligible to receive.

Applying Funds

When a student meets the requirements above, their award amount is determined by their enrollment status (full-time, three quarter-time, or part-time). Student enrollment status for refund purposes should be considered as a snapshot ten days after the start of term. Changes in enrollment status after this period need not be considered.

Full award. When a student meets the requirements above and is enrolled full-time, they should receive the full award.

Partial award. Students who are enrolled less than full-time (11 or fewer credits) will receive a prorated amount in accordance with the table below:

Student EnrollmentEnrolled Credits (10 days after start of term)% of Funds Student is Eligible to Receive
Three-Quarter Time9-11 creditsEligible for 75% of the full-time amount
Half Time6-8 creditsEligible for 50% of the full-time amount
Less-than-Half Time<6 creditsNot eligible

If the student’s enrollment status drops below full-time or if the student withdraws completely in the first ten days following start of term, the appropriate portion of the funds (if any) should be returned to Washington STEM. Changes in a student's enrollment status after the first ten days of term do not require a refund. Partial refunds may be rounded to the nearest dollar.

WSOS scholars are eligible to receive funding for up to 45 remedial credits. If a scholar exceeds 45 remedial credits, they are not eligible to receive funding for any additional remedial credits. When determining a scholar's enrollment, please deduct any remedial credits that exceed their 45 credit limit cap from their total enrollment for that term. Example: If a student is enrolled in 15 credits, and 5 of those are remedial credits that they are not eligible to receive funding for, that student should be considered to be 3/4 time enrollment.

Additionally, WSOS funds can only be used up to the Cost of Attendance (COA). Any amount received that exceed COA should be refunded to WSOS within ten days of the start of term.

Refunds and Reporting

Calculating Refunds

When a student does not meet the eligibility requirements, is enrolled less than full-time or exceeds cost of attendance, a full or partial refund should be processed.

Full refund. For students who do not meet the eligibility criteria outlined above, a full refund should be issued. Institutions should issue a full refund for students who “no show” or are not enrolled within 10 days of the start of term.

Partial refund. For students enrolled less than full-time or who exceed COA, a partial refund should be issued. See the “Partial award” section above to calculate the appropriate refund amount.

Reporting – CTS Only

Because student awards are based on their program, it’s extremely important that WSOS keep an updated record of all CTS Opportunity Scholars’ programs of enrollment. Therefore, for every disbursement, once eligibility checks are complete and funds have been awarded to student accounts, please export the Disbursement Roster from the School Portal. Make sure your view is: CP – Disbursement Roster. Fill in all columns related to any identified refunds AND verify that the program of enrollment listed next to each scholar’s name matches your college’s records. If the program is different, please write in the name of the program, CIP code and credential type.

Sending Refunds and Program Reports to WSOS

If any refunds are identified, export the Disbursement Roster from the Portal using the view: CP – Disbursement Roster. Fill in all empty columns.

All checks should be payable to WSOS and mailed, along with the filled in Disbursement Roster, to:

ATTN: Washington STEM, Finance
210 S. Hudson Street
Seattle, WA 98134

For CTS only: If there are no refunds to report, please still fill the programs column of the exported Disbursement Roster and e-mail it to