Ask Me Anything Brad Smith

WSOS Board Chair and Microsoft President and CLO Brad Smith, met with Opportunity Scholars to share his perspective and answers Scholars’ questions in the latest installment of the WSOS “Ask me Anything” series on April 10.

This series is an opportunity for Scholars to hear from leaders and change makers in the STEM and health care world. All questions are fair game as Scholars get advice from the best in the industry.

Opportunity Scholars were in for a special treat when Brad – a global leader in technology, and well-respected education advocate – sat down to be interviewed by Scholar Citlaly Ramirez. Questions covered a range of topics, everything from the value of building a diverse workforce to the value of mentorship and much more.

“I actually think the best mentors you’re going to find are the people you are already interacting with… you’re just more naturally going to get advice and frankly better advice from someone who knows you, someone who has seen you in a variety of situations. The key thing that I would encourage is that if you find yourself working with someone like that, ask for feedback.”

View the recording here.

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