WSOS is a proven model for addressing the state’s workforce challenges with transparent, measurable outcomes. We work to create a college-to-career pipeline that provides opportunities for women and students of color. Of our most recently awarded cohort of Baccalaureate Scholars, 77% are students of color and nearly three-quarters are first-generation college students. Of our first cohort of Career and Technical Scholars, 87% are first-generation college students and the median family income is $12,002.

Our model of financial aid and student support services is improving student outcomes, as confirmed by the results of a Joint Legislative Review Committee Audit. Baccalaureate Scholars are more than two times as likely to graduate in four years as compared with their peers. They are also more likely to be employed a year following graduation and earn an average of 14% or more in annual salary earnings relative to their peers.

Our 2020 Legislative Report is now available. This annual report provides an overview of the demographic, gender, socioeconomic, age and regional characteristics for all Opportunity Scholars since the scholarship was first created in 2011.

The report demonstrates how our public-private partnership model continues to build pathways to high-demand industries and improve student outcomes for low- and middle-income Washington state students.

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Total students we are on track to serve by 2025


of Scholars are women


of Scholars are students of color